Traps Entry 6: Caustic stomach acid that slowly burns away the flesh. Beware of the bubbles!
Location: The Worm
Damage: • 1 point per 3 seconds (Contact)

• 1 (Bubbles)

Pattern: Constant Hazard
Notes: Produces acidic bubbles that float upwards.

Pools of acid are only found inside the Worm.
Acid is not as dangerous as lava, as it is possible to swim through pools of acid for a few seconds without taking any damage. However, the Spelunker will begin to take damage if they remain immersed in the acid for too long.

Pools of acid also produce bubbles at their surface, similar to those blown by a Snail. Touching these will immediately deal one point of damage.

Similar to pools of water and lava, destroying the walls will drain the liquid down to the level of the leak. Acid will not dissolve items like lava does, but monsters that fall in won't last very long.

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