XBLA Alien
Monsters Entry 37: Invaders from space... What are they doing down here?
Spawns: • Bails out from crashing UFOs.

• Rarely inside pots.

Health: 1 HP
Damage: 1 (Contact)
Stunnable: No
Corpse: No
Size: Normal (1x1)

Aliens are weak enemies that may appear when UFOs are destroyed.

When a UFO takes damage in mid-air, the Alien will bail out of the crashing ship and parachute to the ground.

If it lands on solid ground, it will begin roaming back and forth around the platform, spontaneously hopping into the air every so often.

There is a very rare chance they can be found in pots outside of the Ice Caves, but it's extremely uncommon.


  • Aliens can be seen in the background of The Mothership just walking from left to right behind glass, even though they are technically in the background and are immune to all damage they can be telefragged.

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