In Spelunky HD, an arrow can be found when activating or breaking an Arrow trap. The resultant projectile can then be thrown to deal 2 damage.

Contrary to the former non-HD version, when an arrow hits its target it becomes a headless arrow instead of disappearing.

Headless arrow deals no damage but can be used to break pots, Chests and Mystery boxes open from a distance. It may cause Power boxes to explode. It can knock-out a Spelunker or a Damsel. It can also cause a Spinner Spider to fall from its web and jump around. It has no effect on flying bats but can make a Snake, a Cobra or a Giant Spider stumble for a second. Thus, headless arrows appear to be one, if not the only, throwable object in the game that can be used almost safely in every condition.

SpelunkyHD Arrow Item

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