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The atoms of Spelunky.
Type: block
Function: The general makeup of each level.
Source: Generated in random patterns to create levels.
Damage: 1+ (fall damage)

instant death (crushed by push block)

Notes: Can be destroyed by use of bomb or mattock.

Fall damage only occurs after a fall of 8 or more tiles.

Blocks are the most basic element in Spelunky. They are generated in random patterns every time you enter the level giving the game its distinct nature. Push blocks are the only blocks that can be moved, and only under certain circumstances. Every kind of block can be destroyed by either the bomb or the mattock. There may be gold or other treasure and even items hidden inside of blocks, more clearly visible with the spectacles. The entrance to the Black Market is hidden behind blocks in the Jungle and is only visible with the Udjat Eye.

Blocks in Spelunky ClassicEdit

There are 6 types of blocks in Spelunky Classic

Brown BlocksEdit

Brown blocks are the main building block of the Mines.  They are considered "normal" blocks, or blocks that cannot be moved and can only be destroyed by blowing them up or destroying them with a mattock.

Grass BlocksEdit

The main building block of the Jungle. Grass blocks have characteristic "grass" growing on them, along with man-eating plants and vines, which will both dissapear when the block they are attached to is destroyed. In every other respect, however, they are the same as brown blocks.


Stone occasionally appears in the Jungle and is the main building block of the Temple. It has the same properties as brown and grass blocks.

Blue BlocksEdit

Blue blocks are one of the two main blocks that make up the Ice Caves. They look exactly like brown blocks except with a blue color. It has the same properties as other normal blocks.

Ice BlocksEdit

The other main building block of the Ice Caves. This is a "special" type of block. When walking or running, it will have normal traction, but if you stop pressing the arrow key, you will continue moving in the direction you were previously. In other words, you will 'slide'. They have a glassy appearance. Everything else, however, is normal.

Falling PlatformsEdit

These aren't technically blocks, but you can stand on them and grab onto the ledge, so I guess they count. Standing on these for longer than a few seconds will cause them to fall, often causing falling damage or instant death if you fall into the abyss. They look a bit like platforms in doodle jump, and are half the size of regular blue blocks. They are found in the Ice Caves.

Push BlocksEdit

Push blocks are blocks that can be pushed. They appear as grey stone blocks, only your Spelunker is able move them when they walk into them. To move them more quickly, shift and arrow can be used to run against them.

Push blocks can also be used to kill some enemies. They can be very helpful in robbing stores with the use of only one bomb. All that has to be done is to push a block along the shop, until the shopkeeper gets squished between the block and the wall. At the last second, the shopkeeper will become very upset and start firing his shotgun. Although this is not usually a problem because the block is in the way of the shots, if he manages to jump, then he could kill you quite easily in the open. However, all of the items in the shop will also be pushed so they will become stuck in the movable block and will need to be bombed out in order to collect them.

Moving blocks can also be manipulated by bombs and mattocks, but be careful. If you accidentally burrow under a moving block, the block will fall on you and crush you, which will kill you instantly. Also keep in mind that snakes will not always be crushed by the blocks, and are simply pushed up a block , which shouldn't cause problems because they are clearly visible, but it is still something to keep in mind.

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