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    Tips on how to survive!

    October 12, 2013 by Gamer68

    Here are some tips on how to survive (or at least longer) in Spelunky (HD)!

    These are tips to how to deal with some of the Monsters of Spelunky!

    Skeletons: Approach bones slowly! They may stand up and turn into enemys! This will give you some time to attack them before they start to walk!
    Cavemen: If they are charging at you, don't use your whip! Try to jump on his head instead!
    Yeti's: Try to avoid them, but jump on their heads if you need to get past them!
    Mantraps: DON'T JUMP ON THEM! THEY WILL EAT YOU! So to get past them, use your whip, but be careful! You can also jump and a Tiki Man/Caveman's head then throw them at the Mantrap while they are stunned! This will stun the Mantrap for a short-time allowing you to pick it up and throw it away fr…

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