Chests can be found on every level of the caves, containing varying quantities of treasure.
It is opened by holding 'Up' and pressing the action key (Default: X). It can be opened either on the ground or when carried in the hands.

The empty chest remains after being looted, and can be carried and thrown. However, as a heavy object, it does not go far and cannot be taken through the level exit with you.

The Big Chest is a special locked chest that always spawns somewhere in the Mines which contains the Udjat Eye.


The chest is similar to a pot in that it usually contains treasure, but also may be rigged as a trap instead.
Each treasure chest will contain three to four small jewels, with a 25% chance of an additional large gem. These jewels are cumulatively worth an average of $1000 in the Mines, and this average increases by 25% as you progress through each area.

Rigged Chest TrapEdit

There is a 1/12 chance that chests may be booby-trapped, containing a primed bomb instead of treasure. There is no way to tell if a chest is rigged before you open it.
Trap bombs explode with the same power as a regular bombs, but have shorter fuses.

Like any bomb, being caught in the blast will kill you. For this reason, it is always advisable to be prepared to escape a potential fiery death when opening chests.