Chestclosed HD
Type: Object
Function: Contains Treasure
Source: Generated randomly in any level
Damage: 1 (Thrown)
Weight: Heavy
Notes: May contain a primed bomb

Chests can be found on every level of the game, containing varying quantities of treasure.

They can be opened by damaging them, for instance with the whip.

The empty Chest remains after being looted, and can be carried. However, as a heavy object, it does not go far when thrown and cannot be taken through the level exit with you.

The Big Chest is a special locked Chest that always spawns somewhere in the Mines which contains the Udjat Eye.


When opened, Chests will contain a random assortment of 3-4 large and small jewels, but not diamonds.

Vault ChestsEdit

The two Chests guarded by Shopkeepers inside vaults are substantially more valuable.

When opened, each Chest normally produces from 6 to 8 random large jewels, and never contain any small ones. There have been a couple cases where Vaults have a higher value than the one possible with 16 ghosted diamonds, leading to think that sometimes Vault Chests might contain more than 8 large gems.

Rigged ChestsEdit

There is a small chance that Chests may be booby-trapped to release a primed bomb when opened, and usually contain only one or two small jewels. There is no way to tell if a Chest is rigged before you open it.
Trap bombs explode with the same power as regular Bombs, but have shorter fuses.

As an explosion deals 10 points of damage, it is usually fatal to be caught in one. For this reason, it is always advisable to be prepared to escape a potential fiery death when opening Chests.

There have been a small amount of cases where a chest contains two bombs, this might lead to think that every gem has a very small chance of spawning as a bomb.

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