XBLA Cobra
Monsters Entry 2: A deadly serpent with a distinctive hood and venomous spit.
Spawns: The Mines

•Inside certain Pots

Health: 1 HP
Damage: • 1 (Contact)

• 1 (Venom)

Stunnable: No
Corpse: No
Size: Normal (1x1)
Notes: • Venom attack hurts other enemies as well, including Damsels.

Shopkeepers do not take damage to Cobra venom.

Cobras are weak but dangerous enemies that are essentially advanced Snakes.

They spit projectile venom in an arc before moving a small distance and firing again. The trajectory and range of the venom is identical to that of a light object (such as a rock) being thrown straight forward.

Cobras can sometimes chain attacks on stunned targets, resulting in an unavoidable death if you get caught in the venom.

Cobras sitting on a single-tile-wide platform will not turn around, so can be approached safely from behind.

Cobra spit will also damage and potentially kill other characters (including Damsels and other Cobras).

They can not anger Shopkeepers by spitting on them, but can still anger them by attacking the Damsel in kissing booths, Hired Hands available for hire or breaking an unpaid Mystery Box. If a patrolling Shopkeeper is hit by their spit, they will drop their Shotgun and remain immobile and won't react to the player unless they are damaged, allowing the possibility of earning Shopkeeper forgiveness if the criteria is met.

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