Crystal Skull
Crystalskull HD
Type: Object
Function: Treasure
Source: Restless Dead levels
Damage: 1 (Thrown)
Weight: Heavy
Notes: • Redeemed for $15,000 if brought to the level exit.

• Can be sacrificed to summon a Crystal Monkey.

Crystal Skull Chamber

A Crystal Skull resting within a catacomb

The Crystal Skull is a valuable item found instead of a Golden Idol in Restless Dead levels of the Jungle.

They are rarer than the Golden Idol, due to the fact that they only appear on Restless Dead levels. They are also more valuable, trading for $15,000 if you can bring one to the level exit alive.

The Crystal Skull can also be dropped by Old Bitey, if encountered in a Restless Dead level. This makes it possible to spawn three ghosts, but would require the master Spelunker to perform. 


When the Crystal Skull is lifted from its platform, The Ghost immediately appears on the level. If the ghost has already arrived, then lifting the crystal skull will summon a second ghost on the other side of the level.

There is no way to disarm this trap to prevent the Ghost from spawning, so it's wise to leave the Crystal Skull alone until you are ready to finish the level.


  • The Crystal Skull, like the Golden Idol, is more homage to the Indiana Jones movies.
  • A Skull can placed on an altar to get a Crystal monkey instead, that poops gold.

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