The Daily Challenge Mode[1] is a feature available in the Steam and PSN releases of Spelunky HD.

The seeds for Steam and PSN are different.

The game mode is designed to create a truly competitive, high-stakes Spelunky game that removes most of the elements of randomness that make it difficult to accurately compare the skill of two different players.
While the levels still generate unpredictably, the generation Seed will be constant across all player's sessions, so that the 'daily cave' will be exactly the same for every player in the world.


There are four basic principles to how the Daily Challenge Mode works:

  1. A new daily cave is generated each day, so the game is constantly changing. The caves will be generated in the same way as those of normal games - special 'designer caves' are not planned at this time.
  2. All players play the same cave. The terrain, enemies and items that appear are all identical across every session.
  3. Each player only gets one chance to play the mode per day. If you die, you have to wait until the next day's cave to be released to try again.
  4. Each daily cave has its own leaderboard, comparing the final money and level totals of each player in every daily cave. Completion times and video replays are not recorded.

Other FeaturesEdit

  • Dark levels do appear in the Daily Challenge Mode, but it is unknown whether this is still influenced by the speed at which the previous level was completed (as this could result in game sessions being different between different players).
  • Gambling shops still appear (at least in The Black Market), but the wheel is locked and cannot be played. This is to stop the random outcome of the spin affecting players' results.



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