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Pug Damsel Trading Card Artwork

Damsels are non-hostile characters that can be found in the caves calling for help, or occasionally in Kissing booths run by Shopkeepers.


The main purpose of a Damsel is to give the Spelunker more health after being rescued at the end of the level. However, they do have some other uses as well:

  • Sacrificed at an Altar for a large amount of favor
  • Used as a makeshift throwing weapon
  • Used as shield to soak up damage from Traps and other projectiles.

Picking up a Damsel will cause them to pass out in your arms, becoming stunned for several seconds after being set down. A Damsel who has been dropped or thrown will eventually come to their senses and begin running around in panic, and will behave in the same way if they take damage.

A panicking Damsel will run blindly forwards, only turning if they hit a wall. They will also fall off ledges, which makes them prone to getting killed by Spikes and other hazards.

For bringing them to a level exit, they will reward you with a kiss when you leave, increasing your health by one point.

Dead Damsels can still be carried and thrown at enemies. However, you get no reward for carrying their corpse to the end of the level, so you may as well sacrifice their body if you find an altar.

Damsels will always give you a kiss in the exit tunnel after you rescue them, even if you leave the level through a different exit than the one you sent the Damsel into. This can happen on levels that have multiple exits, such as the level with the hidden Black Market entrance. This also includes allowing the Damsel to be eaten by The Worm. Though the player is not allowed to take a Damsel corpse through a regular exit, it can still be used to trigger the Worm to take the player to the Worm level.

If a Damsel is found inside a Kissing Parlor, then the player will be able to pay for a kiss, the price will be $8000 in The Mines and add extra $2000 to the price every new area (making Temple Kisses be $14000), the player can buy as many kisses as money can pay. Additionally, it's possible to buy the Damsel if the player uses the purchase button while holding the Damsel, even though this is normally a waste of money, since bringing that Damsel to the exit is more expensive than buying a kiss, but it can be a good option if the player wants to sacrifice the Damsel to Kali's Altar.

Damsels are tied with Black Knights, Hired Hands and Spelunkers for the most favor gained when sacrificed, so sacrificing them is often a good way to obtain the Kapala. Note that attacking the Damsel does not ruin the chance of getting a kiss for saving them, so long as they are still alive, so whipping them once or twice in an enclosed space is a good way to collect blood and potentially get an extra health point from the Damsel's blood.

Damsels have a high spawn rate, but are not guaranteed to spawn in every level. Certain levels are always a special case (Olmec's Lair and Yama's Throne), but on stages with or without a "Level Feeling," when a Damsel would normally spawn, there is a small chance it will not. This can be frustrating when the Spelunker is in need of health, or one of Kali's Altars  is present on that floor and time is wasted searching for it. Even though Damsels will normally spawn inside shops in the Black Market, it's possible for a Damsel to spawn outside of the shops, although this seems to be a rare occurrence.

Types of DamselEdit

As player characters can now be either male or female, there are now various Damsels as well.

The type of Damsels that appear can be set in the Options menu, and there is also the option to have all types of Damsel appear at random.

There are three main varieties:

XBLA Damsel Female XBLA Damsel Male XBLA Damsel Dog
The Female Damsel The Male Damsel The Damsel Dog

Sloth DamselEdit

Damsel Sloth

The icon in the settings menu that must be clicked repeatedly to unlock the Sloth.

There is a secret fourth Damsel type that can be activated as an Easter egg.

The Sloth Damsel replaces the Pug and can be selected from the options menu by clicking on the Pug icon a hundred times. After enough clicking, the secret tone will play and the icon will change to that of the Sloth, who can be selected as a Damsel type or added to the pool of random Damsels.

The unlock will only be active for the duration of the game session, and does not permanently replace the Pug. The Damsel will revert back to the Pug upon exiting the game, so the process of activating the Sloth must be repeated each time the game is booted if the player wants to use it.

There is also a small chance of the Damsel appearing in the level as the Sloth, though the odds of this occurring is currently unknown.


  • "Casanova" (10Gamerscore icon) - Rescue 10 or more Damsels in one game. (Guide)