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A round of Deathmatch on the Frozen Paradise arena.

Deathmatch is a mode exclusive to the Console/Steam version of Spelunky. In Deathmatch up to four players fight against each other in one of seventy-two specially created arenas, with the last Spelunker standing declared the winner.


Deathmatch can either be played locally (on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and X-Box 360 only), or via a LAN connection. The host can set several variables for the Deathmatch:-

  • The arena to be played on (including the option to choose a random area for each round)
  • the number of rounds a player must win to win the deathmatch
  • Number of Hit Points each player starts with
  • Number of bombs each player starts with
  • Number of ropes each player starts with
  • The option to do battle with computer-controlled Spelunkers (called Bots ingame).

If Bots is turned ON, bots will be added into the deathmatch so that four Spelunkers will play.

Deathmatches are split into several rounds. To win a round, the player must be the last spelunker standing. Matches play mostly the same as in Adventure mode, with a few key differences:-

  • Whips deal no damage to other spelunkers, but will stun them for a short time.
  • Spelunkers cannot stomp other spelunkers.
  • To discourage Spelunkers from utilising camping strategies, if Spelunkers stand still for too long, a targeting reticle will appear over them, dealing 10 points of damage if they do not avoid the imminent psychic attack.
  • Crates do not contain bomb bags and rope piles, but all other objects have the same probability of appearing in crates.
  • When all crates are destroyed, more may appear in a random location of the arena later on.
  • Monsters indigenous to the theme of the area may randomly appear at the start of each round.
  • When a spelunker dies, they will drop a bag containing all the bombs and ropes they had.
  • Players that have been killed will become ghosts for the rest of the round. As a ghost, players can float through the air and pass through walls. Pressing the whip button will make the ghost blow a puff of air, knocking back items and stunning live Spelunkers. Players can also animate their ghost with the Bomb and Rope buttons, but this appears to have no practical effect on the battle. Live players can stop ghosts for a short time using the Camera, causing them to pose in a similar manner to The time limit Ghost. Every Spelunker ghost makes a different pose when photographed.
  • The last Spelunker alive must survive for two seconds to be declared the winner. If they die within that time, for example by environmental hazards or exploding bombs, the round will be considered a draw.
  • Once a round ends, the whole arena resets ready for another round if necessary.

List of ArenasEdit

Miner Threat

Miner ThreatEdit

Theme: The Mines
Unlock: Available from the start
Description: A simple layout consisting in several small platforms suspended over a row of spike traps. The Spelunkers start on the single block platforms on the four corners of the arena. Two crates are resting on the lower-centre platform.

Layer Cake

Layer CakeEdit

Theme: The Mines
Unlock: Available from the start
Description: Spelunkers start within holes which can be climbed out of using ladders, Crates are located halfway up the two inner holes, and two more are found on the surface. Below the surface are alternating rows of spikes and blocks.

Rock n Roll

Rock n' RollEdit

Theme: The Mines
Unlock: Available from the start
Description: A Boulder is suspended on top of a centre platform. Four crates separated by some blocks are below. A row of spikes is located below the surface.



Theme: The Mines
Unlock: Available from the start
Description: This arena has four crates encased in the centre of a large rocky structure, which must be blasted through from them to be released. Spelunkers start on the two upper platforms.

The Dome

The DomeEdit

Theme: The Mines
Unlock: Available from the start
Description: The arena is dominated by a hollow dome, which the spelunkers start within. Ladders lead to the very top of the dome, and four crates are found resting on top of the dome. Spikes are found to the left and right of the dome.

Falling Rocks

Falling RocksEdit

Theme: The Mines
Unlock: Available from the start
Description: Spelukers start at the bottom of a fairly open arena with a few platforms suspended above them, two of which contain a crate. The main hazard is a row of rocks at the top of the arena that will fall down if the blocks below are destroyed.

The Spider Pit

The Spider PitEdit

Theme: The Mines
Unlock: Available from the start
Description: A cramped area populated by three Giant Spiders. Two crates can be found below the starting point of each Giant Spider. All four Spelunkers start on the floor of the arena.



Theme: The Mines
Unlock: Available from the start
Description: This arena is split into three levels, and three wide ladders are available for easy access to all levels. six crates are available on the far left and right sides of the arena, and Spelunkers start on the four centre platforms.

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