Fire Frog
12 FireFrog
Handle with care
Spawns: The Jungle
Health: 1 HP
Damage: • 1 (Contact)

• 10-100 (Explosion)

Stunnable: No
Corpse: Temporary
Size: Normal (1x1)
Notes: • Explodes shortly after death.

• Contact with water will turn it into a blue Frog.

Fire Frogs are an uncommon enemy found in the Jungle.
Unlike to their blue cousins, this red species of frog is highly volatile and will explode shortly after being killed.


In life, these enemies behave exactly like regular Frogs, so should be dealt with in the same way.
However, the one important difference is that upon death, they leave a corpse that will explode like a bomb after a few seconds.
Before this happens, the frogs' corpses can be picked up and thrown like any other.

A Fire Frog will be extinguished if it falls into a body of water, which will cause it to turn into a regular frog.


The Fire Frog (lower left) emits wisps of flame while resting.

While the explosion of a dead Frog is just as deadly as that of a bomb, it has a slightly smaller blast radius, only destroying blocks within a single tile's distance from the epicentre.

Amphibious AssaultEdit

Interestingly, primed Fire Frog corpses are not identified as explosives by Shopkeepers, and can therefore be used to rob shops with relative ease. If a Fire Frog happens to spawn close to a shop, killing it and placing it in front of the shopkeeper before it explodes will kill him before he realises what's going on.
Keep in mind that killing the shopkeeper (or even just allowing a fire frog to explode inside a shop) is still viewed as an act of aggression, and will cause other shopkeepers to attack you on sight. It is therefore inadvisable to try this in the Black Market.

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