Fire Frog
XBLA Firefrog
Monsters Entry 16: A rare species of frog that's filled with explosive swamp gas.
Spawns: The Jungle
Health: 1 HP
Damage: • 1 (Contact)

• 10 (Explosion)

Stunnable: No
Corpse: Temporary
Size: Normal (1x1)
Notes: • Explodes like a bomb when killed.

• Turns into a regular Frog if it touches water.

Fire Frogs are very similar to regular frogs, but with one important difference - After being killed, their corpses will explode after a short delay.

While alive, they should just be dealt with exactly how you would a regular Blue Frog.

It is important not to let a Fire Frog explode inside a Shop. The Shopkeeper will blame you for this, even if the frog was killed by an environmental hazard such as a Tiki Trap. If possible, always try to pick up the frog's corpse and throw it clear of the shop before it explodes.

If a Fire Frog falls into a pool of any liquid (even in a primed state after being killed), it will be extinguished and turn into a regular blue Frog. In doing so, a Fire Frog corpse that is about to explode may be revived as a living Blue frog, and must be killed again. It is possible to pick up the corpse before it explodes and jump into water, this will allow the player to hold a Blue Frog, throwing the Blue Frog will cause damage to the player, and it can't be carried between levels.

If eaten by a Mantrap, both will explode after a short delay.

Fire Frog corpses cannot be sacrificed to Kali at an Altar, and attempting this will merely destroy the altar and invite Kali's anger.

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