Traps Entry 10: A powerful laser barrier that can even deflect plasma blasts.
Location: The Mothership

UFO Crash Site levels

Damage: 1 (Contact, when active)
Pattern: Automatic Repeating Hazard
Notes: Reflects projectiles and thrown objects when active.
UFO Forcefields

Three layers of forcefields in operation inside a crashed UFO.

Forcefields are automated defenses found in large Alien spaceships in the Ice Caves.
The appear in the Mothership and UFO Crash Site levels protecting high-ranking aliens.


Forcefields periodically discharge vertical arcs of purple energy that deal contact damage and reflect any projectile or thrown object that collides with them, similar to the shield.

After about two seconds of activity, the forcefield will shut off and begin recharging before it can energise again.

Forcefields cycle automatically, and do not respond to the Spelunker's presence.


Forcefields will cease to function if their base conduit is destroyed by an explosion, so can be disabled by planting a bomb nearby while they are recharging.


Death caused by rebound bullets show as "Death" with no explanation, just like when the Ghost kills you.

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