Frogs are common enemies found in the Jungle. They are deceptively dangerous, given the speed, range and unpredictability of their movement, and should be treated with care. The regular blue Frogs are slightly less dangerous than their volatile red cousins. A larger variant also exists, which will spit out these Blue Frogs at regular intervals.

Strategy Edit

When a frog sees the Spelunker, it attacks by jumping towards him. This can be tricky to deal with, as the height and length of a Frog's leap is variable and random - sometimes the Frog will jump directly at you, other times it will jump high in the air. Sometimes the trajectory will be somewhere in between.

If you have to approach a Frog, you'll have to deal with the risk of its unpredictable jump towards you.

Trying to jump over or stomp on a frog will backfire if it chooses to take a high arcing jump, but attempting to run beneath it as it leaps may also be dangerous if it jumps straight forward. Furthermore, compared to the the Mines, The Jungle has fewer small tunnels that can be used to corral the Frog's movement and funnel them towards your waiting whip.

However, if you are able to jump on a frog mid-air, it makes a useful aid in getting to higher places without the use of ropes or Climbing Gloves. It can also help the Spelunker avoid fall damage, should you land on it from above.

Frogs jump much further and higher when submerged in water, so combating them in these places is a more difficult feat.

As with most enemies, the ideal solution is to dispatch a Frog with a ranged weapon (such as the shotgun) or thrown items like a pot or rock.