Giant Frog
XBLA Giantfrog
Monsters Entry 17: This extra-large amphibian carries its children inside of its mouth.
Spawns: The Jungle
Health: 8 HP
Damage: 1 (Contact)
Stunnable: No
Corpse: No
Size: Large (2x2)
Notes: • Spawns Frogs.

• Immune to stomp damage unless Spike Shoes are worn.
• Drops Jewels and occasionally Spring Shoes when killed.

The Giant Frog is a large enemy uncommonly found in the Jungle.


Due to its large size, the Giant Frog is very lethargic and can barely jump.

It is not very dangerous by itself due to its immobility, but it will periodically spit out regular Frogs as a defense. There is no limit to the number of frogs it can produce, but it will not spawn more than a certain number at once.

When killed, the Giant Frog will drop a number of jewels, and although unlikely, it may also drop a pair of Spring Shoes.


When fighting a Giant Frog, deal with the smaller frogs first.

The Giant Frog is quite resilient, requiring 8 normal attacks to kill. It is not harmed by being jumped on unless the Spelunker is wearing Spike Shoes.

It is easiest to kill the Giant Frog by dropping a bomb on it from above, which will kill it along with any nearby frogs it spawned.

It is also possible to kill with the whip, but care must be taken. It's best to whip the frog two or three times, then stand back while it hops toward you before moving in to attack again.

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