Monsters Entry 51: A lowly servant of the underworld. Its job is to refill the lava pits.
Spawns: Hell
Health: 1 HP
Damage: 1 (contact)
Stunnable: No
Corpse: No
Size: Normal (1x1)
Notes: Can spawn Magma Men with its lava bucket.

The Imp is a rather weak enemy found in Hell that will fly in a horizontal line while carrying a lava bucket. They will drop it if the Spelunker passes underneath them, releasing a Magma Man as it breaks. Imps will also act as a Bat once they drop the bucket.

If an Imp is killed before it drops its lava bucket and the bucket doesn't fall more than two tiles, then the lava bucket can be picked up and carried.

Much like other undead enemies, Imps can be killed in one hit by the Camera. Though, unlike most undead enemies, they drop blood when killed.

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