Key HD
Type: Object
Function: Opening the Big Chest
Source: Generated somewhere on Levels 1-2, 1-3 or 1-4.
Damage: 1 (Thrown)
Weight: Light
Notes: Disappears when used to open the Big Chest

The Key is an item used to open the Big Chest and obtain the Udjat Eye.

It is always found somewhere in The Mines on the same level as the big chest, but never on the very first level or during dark levels.


Bringing the key to the Big Chest will open it. The Key will disappear, the chest will be left open and the Udjat Eye will be received.

The chest will not open if you carry the chest and touch the key lying on the ground, or if you throw the key at the chest from afar.

The Temple ShortcutEdit

This key is the last item needed to open the Shortcut to the Temple, after three bombs and three ropes have been donated on previous runs.

It must be brought from the Mines to the Tunnel Man at the end of level 3-4 without losing it on the way through the Jungle and the Ice Caves.


  • In the game files, there's a message saying "The key doesn't fit in this door.", supposedly meant for bringing the Key into the entrance of The City of Gold.


  • There's a very, very small chance for the Big Chest and Key to not be generated during a run.

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