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King Yama
XBLA Kingyama
Monsters Entry 56: The ruler of hell! He punishes the damned from atop a bloody throne.
Spawns: Level 5-4, the final level of Hell.
Health: • 40 (Head, will switch to Second Phase after 20 health or lower)

• 10 (Each Fist)

• 1 (As Eggplant Monster)

Damage: • 1 (Falling Skulls)

• 2 (Contact)

Stunnable: Yes (Camera during second phase)
Corpse: No
Size: Huge (6x10)
Notes: • Enters second phase when both fists are destroyed, regardless of health.

• Spawns Magma Men during second phase.
• Can be stunned by Camera in his second phase
• His hands may be picked up.

King Yama is the final boss of Spelunky, appearing in his lair on the last level of Hell, level 5-4.

He is a gigantic figure - by far the largest enemy seen in the game - and is not only extremely powerful, but is also accompanied by a horde of lesser enemies as well as his two henchmen - Horse Head and Ox Face.

His face is the target of attack, and after a certain amount of damage his face will detach from his skull and start flying around the arena. He attacks when the Spelunker gets near by smashing his fists upon his throne, causing three skulls to fall from the ceiling directly above the Spelunker.

King Yama will also spit Imps out of his mouth and try to use his fists in a punching attack if the Spelunker gets close enough to his head or chest area (such as by climbing onto his shoulders). He might also open his fists, spawning Magma Men that will jump out.

After taking enough damage or having both his fists destroyed, his face will detach from his skull and begin floating around the arena, engulfed in flame, crashing upwards into ceiling causing skulls to fall and spitting fireballs that turn into Magma Men downwards. Be advised that during this second phase, if you move within two blocks of his head, it will bounce upwards, before settling down at its original Y co-ordinate, so leave a few blocks when throwing sticky bombs.

He can be attacked using ranged weapons or Sticky Bombs. If shot with the Camera during his first phase, he will immediately skip to the next one. Doing this again on his second phase will only stun him. Alternatively, King Yama can be defeated in a single hit by telefragging his head.

One hit from the Crysknife will kill him instantly. The Crysknife can be smuggled into hell by entering The Worm in the Ice Caves, and then clearing The Mothership to reach a level with the Moai.

If the Spelunker brings the Eggplant to him and throws it at his head then King Yama will turn into an Eggplant Monster that will be completly immovable and constantly sweat. Since this enemy only has one point health, any hit at all will kill him. Though this strategy makes King Yama much easier to defeat, the challenge of bringing an Eggplant to him makes it not so viable. It's also worth noting that the Eggplant only sets Yama's health at 1 point, subsequent Eggplants will try to reset the health to 1 point and therefore won't kill him.

When King Yama is defeated, you will unlock Yang, whom you play as in the tutorial. You will also receive an extra 100,000 gold by finding the Golden Trophy. Additionally, with enough bombs you can destroy the bricks of King Yama's Throne which contain a ruby in every block. The 44 rubies that can be mined from the throne are worth a sum of $140,800.


  • King Yama is based on Yama of Buddhism and Hindu mythology, similar to Kali.
  • King Yama's hands and face are physics items, and may be picked up.

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