Scarabs act as their own light sources, letting you find them easily in the dark.

Light is a mechanic that comes into play in dark levels, affecting what you can and cannot see.

The reliance on light sources is the fundamental challenge of dark levels.
Carrying an item that emits light restricts what you can hold in your hands, making it difficult to collect Damsels and Golden Idols or use weapons.
However, without a more powerful light source, the Spelunker's headlamp only provides enough illumination to see a couple of tiles around himself. This puts the player at extreme risk of falling into traps or being ambushed by an unforeseen monster.

Light sources provide a circle of visibility around themselves that is always visible, but dim when viewed from a distance. The closer you draw to a light source, the wider and brighter your own circle of visibility becomes, up to a maximum radius of approximately 5 tiles - Even at maximum brightness, your range of vision is still limited to only a portion of the screen.

Light SourcesEdit


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