XBLA Machete
Entry 13: It slices, it dices, it cuts through monsters like stale bread!
Type: Melee Weapon
Function: Improved Melee Attacks
Source: Shops


Cost: $2700 + 300
Damage: 2 Damage
Notes: Cuts through Web.

The Machete is an improved melee weapon that does more damage than the whip.

It may be found for sale in weapon shops, and is also sometimes found in crates.


The Machete causes two points of damage, requiring fewer strikes than the whip to kill tough enemies that have more than one hit point.

It also hits stunned enemies, so you don't have to wait for them to wake up to finish them off.

The Machete can also be used to move quickly through spider webs, slicing through them with a single swing.

The downside of the Machete is that it must be carried in the hands, which makes it difficult to keep around when you need to carry other things (such as Damsels, torches or Golden Idols).


  • When using the machete to attack a Damsel without moving her at all, the game will display her as still alive and will still make her call for help until you pick her up, hit her with some other weapon, or affect the ground underneath her


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