Magma Man
XBLA Magmaman
Monsters Entry 44: An elemental of fire that has fashioned a body out of lava.
Spawns: Lava pools
• Cauldrons from Tiki Villages or carried by Imps
• Spawned by King Yama
Health: 99 (Invulnerable to damage, limited lifespan)
Damage: 1 (Contact)
Stunnable: No
Corpse: No
Size: Normal (1x1)
Notes: Hurts other enemies on contact

Magma Men are enemies that are spawned from lava. They move like Cavemen, except they won't pursue the Spelunker. In addition, they can walk off of ledges, and sometimes jump randomly.

Magma men are spawned:

Magma Men only survive between 10 and 13 seconds before disappearing on their own, but cannot be killed nor damaged by being stomped on. They will also die if they fall on spikes, fall into lava (yes, they do die in lava), get crushed, get stomped after being frozen by the Freeze Ray or right after the ice melts. When frozen, they can only be damaged by a stomp. Trying to whip the ice block, picking it up or shooting it with a shotgun will not work. If the player stands in the ice block right when it melts, the player will be damaged even if the Magma Man dies.

In order to get the Journal Entry, the player needs to either kill a Magma Man with a Freeze Ray or get killed by it, using the Shield to crush it won't work.

As with Lava, bombs and turrets detonate immediately upon touching Magma Men. This could be extremely hazardous if one pops out in front of you while placing or throwing a bomb. Landmines do not detonate on contact with magma men, but they will activate it. They won't be damaged by the explosion.

Additionally, during dark levels, Magma Men will light the torches on the walls.

If the Spelunker has Vlad's Amulet, they won't be harmed by contact with Magma Men.

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