Magic Signs is a Spelunky mod that allows you to add commands to the sign object in the level editor that will change the sign into any object or perform other actions when the level is played.

Initially the purpose of the mod was to overcome the limited characters available for use in the original level format, but it became more than just a way to add objects to a level that may not be available in the level editor.


  • Change the variables of the object (position, sprite, color, transparency, etc.)
  • Replace object(s) with another
  • Change global variables
  • Play sounds
  • Place backgrounds/tiles
  • Display two lines of text on a sign
  • Perform any of the the above actions only under specific conditions


After placing a sign in your level, hover your mouse pointer over the sign and press M (or middle mouse button) to edit the sign.

For ModdersEdit

Magic Signs was designed to be easily added to your mod. All the functionality of Magic Signs is contained in a single script, and the only other change required is some small alterations to the oMsgSign object.


Mods That Use Magic SignsEdit

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