XBLA Monkey
Monsters Entry 24: Its pranks are the leading cause of injury to unwary jungle explorers.
Spawns: The Jungle, clinging to vines.
Health: 1 HP
Damage: None, but may throw items that can cause damage.
Stunnable: No
Corpse: No
Size: Normal (1x1)
Notes: • Steals bombs, ropes and treasure
• Can leave the Spelunker stunned and vulnerable.

Monkeys are commonly found in the Jungle, clinging to vines.

Unlike most other enemies in Spelunky, Monkeys have no way of directly dealing damage to the player, but they still have the potential to be massively troublesome.

They can easily interfere with the Spelunker, stealing precious bombs, ropes, treasure and leaving them stunned for very long periods of time, possibly knocking them into traps or allowing a chance for other enemies to attack.


When passive, Monkeys will usually be seen clinging to vines or on the ground. They do not appear in sections of the Jungle where no vines generate.

If a Spelunker comes near, they will leap towards them, attempting to cling to their back. If this happens, they will rustle around their inventory and after a short period will either throw a bomb, a pile of three ropes, remove some treasure or stun the Spelunker. If the Monkey manages to steal a bomb, its fuse will trigger and the bomb will detonate after a short delay.

If the Spelunker has no bombs or ropes, the monkey will only be able to steal treasure or stun the spelunker, it is to be noted that the monkey can only steal ropes if the player has at least three ropes.


  • Despite being 'harmless', it's always a good idea to kill any Monkeys you find quickly, as they can become very problematic if ignored.
  • Monkeys that appear above spike pits will often stupidly fall into the spikes if they miss when jumping for the player. However, if they get a grip on the spelunker, getting away from the spikes as soon as possible is recommended, being stunned by the monkey can potentially throw the spelunker into spikes.
  • A Monkey on your back can be killed by throwing an item (like a rock or a pot) or using a bomb or rope (it does not work if the rope does not travel at least one block). This is usually a waste of resources, but may be your only option in an emergency.


If the player tries to grab an item at the same time a Monkey steals ropes from them,the player will be able to grab the rope pile.

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