Mystery Box
SpelunkyHD MysteryBox Item
"Thanks! I wrapped it up nice for you!"
Type: Object
Function: Contains an item
Source: Shops
Cost: $7200 +800
Damage: 1 (Thrown)
Weight: Heavy
Notes: • Can be placed on an altar to get an Eggplant
• Can be obtained from any purchased item in multiplayer

The Mystery Box is a useful object that can be broken open to receive different items. They can only be found at Shops with a 5% chance of spawning. When they are damaged or opened (by pressing up + action while holding one), they will be destroyed and leave an item in their place.

It can contain a large number of items of varying values. Depending on what you get out of it they can be a great deal (finding a Jetpack in the mines for $8000) or a dismal prospect. They come in different colors but this is just a cosmetic feature and makes no difference in what the box contains.

During multiplayer runs, every item that is bought in a Shop will turn into a Mystery Box containing that specific item.

Sacrificing the box itself at an Altar will result in Kali giving the player an Eggplant and change the background music during that level. The eggplant music won't play if the shopkeeper's music is playing.

Mystery Boxes

The different colors of a mystery box

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