Olmec's Lair is the fourth and last Temple level, home to the mighty Olmec. It is a large empty space with a very thick floor with lava under it. Olmec also doesn't care that this is his lair, he still wrecks it.

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After Olmec falls through the hole, his head can be used as a ledge to enter Hell

Above the empty space there are floating-island type structures that have lots of chests, crates and gems on them. No monsters are initially spawned within the lair, except for a Hawk Man and the two surviving Cavemen, but monsters can be spawned by Olmec while destroying blocks or be inside pots. If the Book of the Dead was stolen in the City of Gold but Anubis II wasn't killed, he will spawn at the beginning of the level. Also, if three altars are destroyed and the player still has the Ball and Chain, the Ghost will spawn at the beginning of this level, otherwise the ghost won't appear at all.

There is a door on the right that you can exit when Olmec is dead. This leads to the end of the game.

If you have the Book of the Dead from the City of Gold, a door at the bottom of the level will be open, you can know where the door is located without looking down by paying attention to the animations the book does, the faster, the closer you are to the door. 

To use this door the player use Olmec or two push blocks as platform, a rope does not work, because you can not enter a door whilst climbing. In addition, unlike most doors which have a platform for the spelunker to stand on, the door to Hell does not have a platform thus caution is needed.

Olmec Level

A full Olmec's Lair


If the player has a spare Jetpack, it's also possible to remove the lava at the bottom of Olmec's Lair, do so the player must throw the Jetpack in the lava and then let Olmec fall in the same place, after a while Olmec will crush the Jetpack against the floor that holds the lava and the lava will be removed. Olmec may or may not fall into the abyss.


In the PS3 version of the game, a glitch exists where a step does not appear under the regular exit after beating Olmec.

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