Parachutes are single-use equipment items purchasable from certain shops. They can also be found inside crates as a fairly common drop (just behind the bomb bag and rope piles). They do not stack, meaning that only one can be carried at a time.


Parachutes prevent you from taking fall damage by releasing a parachute before you hit the floor, but can only be used once.
They activate automatically after a fall of 7 tiles; as the threshold distance of taking damage from a fall is 8 tiles. Once deployed, the Spelunker will fall slowly and can descend onto spikes without being killed.
They are a useful lifeline in case you do not have access to a better method of fall protection, and your ability to steer the Spelunker horizontally as he falls makes the parachute fairly useful for exploring the Ice Caves.

Parachutes may be harmful on rare occasions, as they disallow jumping off a high ledge to kill an enemy below.

Parachutes are made nearly redundant if you also find a Cape or Jetpack, which can both be used to prevent fall damage. Nevertheless, it never hurts to have a backup parachute on hand to save you in case you fail to manually activate your primary item in time.


  • Parachutes occasionally deploy unnecessarily after short drops that would not cause fall damage.
    • Additionally, they sometimes fail to deploy when they are required, causing you to take fall damage that you should have avoided.
  • Parachutes deploy when you walk into lava.