XBLA Parachute
Items Entry 21: It will deploy automatically as you're falling.
Type: Equipment
Function: Preventing fall damage.
Source: Shops


Cost: $1800 +200
Notes: Can only be used once

Parachutes are single-use equipment items purchasable from certain shops. They are also fairly commonly found inside crates.
They do not stack, meaning that only one can be carried at a time.


Parachutes automatically deploy whenever you fall far enough to take fall damage, slowing your air speed and softening your landing.
You can steer in the air, but cannot cut the chute to freefall until you touch down. They are discarded as soon as you land safely, hang to an edge or grab a wall with the climbing glove.
Like the cape, when floating with the parachute you can also glide gently onto spikes without getting killed.

Having a parachute on hand is a useful lifeline in case you do not have access to a better method of fall protection, but are made nearly redundant if you also find a cape or jetpack, which can both be used to prevent fall damage.
Nevertheless, it never hurts to have a backup parachute on hand to save you in case you fail to manually activate your primary item in time.

It also serves as a dramatic ending when you beat Olmec or King Yama. In the ending cinematic, you will safely parachute down after you get flung from the volcano instead of landing hard on the ground.

Parachutes can also randomly deploy/not deploy at the wrong moments in which you would not get hurt/get hurt by falling.

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