Pitcher's Mitt
XBLA Pitchersmitt
Items Entry 6: It improves your throwing and catching skills!
Type: Accessory
Function: Thrown items travel farther and in a straight line.
Source: Shops
• Gifted from Kali.
Cost: $3600 +400

The Pitcher's Mitt is a brown baseball glove accessory that improves the Spelunker's throwing ability.

It can be found for sale in Shops, and is also occasionally found in crates, and is sometimes given as a reward from sacrifice to Kali.


The Pitcher's Mitt causes any thrown object (even bombs) to travel on a straight-line trajectory unaffected by gravity, similar to how arrows are launched from an Arrow Trap.

An item thrown while standing will fly horizontally, and an item thrown while looking up or down will travel at a 45 degree angle.

This greatly improves the range and accuracy of thrown items, and is especially effective when combined with sticky bombs.

The Pitcher's Mitt can be equipped along with the Climbing Gloves, allowing for both effects at once.


  • Some items like Turrets do not seem to be thrown into a straight line, and sometimes the Pitcher's Mitt won't work even on items that it normally does.
  • Throwing a Hired Hand against a block that can move (Push Block, Loose Platforms, etc) will cause the Hired Hand to bounce in a the opposite direction without being affect by gravity at a slower speed than thrown.

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