32 Rock
Surprisingly useful
Type: Object
Function: Throwing object
Source: • Generates randomly in caves.
• When Boulders are destroyed by explosives.
Damage: 1 (Thrown)
Weight: Light

Rocks are randomly created during the generation of a level, and are also left behind after destroying a boulder with a bomb. They are 1x1 items that can be picked up by the Spelunker.


Rocks can be picked up by crouching while standing on them and pressing the Attack key(Default X). To throw, press the Attack Key again. If you hold the Up key while throwing, the rock will be thrown at a much taller angle. If you hold the Down key while throwing it will either drop to the floor in front of you or, if standing over a ledge, be flung at a downward angle. Thrown stones deal 1 Damage to Enemies, but can also hurt Damsels and the Spelunker. (In the latter case, they deal 2 damage.)

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