XBLA Sceptre
Items Entry 31: The person who wields the staff of Anubis has control over life and death.
Type: Ranged Weapon
Function: • Powerful ranged attacks
• Opening the door to The City of Gold
Source: Dropped by Anubis on level 4-1.
Damage: 10 (Psychic Blast)
Notes: • Rays can kill the player if targeting enemies or corpses behind them.
• Must be forfeited to open the door to the City of Gold.

The Scepter is a powerful ranged weapon acquired by defeating Anubis on level 4-1 of the Temple.


With each use, it releases a psychic blast that homes in on targets even through walls, damaging anything it touches. Psychic blasts will home in on both living enemies and corpses. After killing an enemy that leaves no corpse, such as a Mummy, the ray will choose a new target to home in on, based on current proximity. If there are no enemies to target, the psychic blast will go in a straight direction and won't modify it's velocity.

Blasts dissipate after a while (around 8 seconds). If the Spelunker is moving, or running, the psychic blast will be fired with a higher speed than if the Spelunker is not moving.

The Scepter must be used with caution. While the rays will never seek out the Spelunker, they will deal 10 HP in damage if they pass through them on their way towards the nearest target. It is especially dangerous to use the Scepter if a Crocman may potentially be hit, as they will teleport around, evading the ray and luring it in unpredictable directions.


The Scepter is the last of four special ancient Egyptian artifacts required to gain entry to The City of Gold.

The Scepter cannot be destroyed by Lava. If it falls in lava, it can be retrieved by destroying the lava pit with a bomb or Mattock.

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