XBLA Skeleton
Monsters Entry 7: A living skeleton straight out of your nightmares.
Spawns: All Areas
Health: 1 HP
Damage: 1 (Contact)
Stunnable: No
Corpse: No
Size: Normal (1x1)
Notes: • Lies on the ground until approached, identical to ordinary piles of bones.

• Drops a skull when defeated.

Skeletons are weak enemies that randomly appear in all areas of the dungeon.

While inactive, they are indistinguishable from the harmless piles of bones that may also be found, and will ambush careless Spelunkers that walk over them.
It is prudent to always treat piles of bones as if they were Skeletons so as never to be caught by surprise. Undead Skeletons lying in wait can easily be dealt with by either jumping onto bone piles or approaching slowly. It is worth noting that Skeletons do not give of blood when they die, and thus do not fill the Kapala.

Skeletons are 'blind' and will always walk directly forwards, regardless of their surroundings. They will walk off ledges and only change direction when they reach a wall. Because Skeletons cannot jump, this behaviour often leads them to get trapped in pits.

Skeletons that have been awoken will revert to their inactive state if they wander too far from the Spelunker or fall into a single tile wide hole.

Within the Jungle and the Ice Caves special caution must be taken as they can be almost invisible depending on the terrain on which they spawn.

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