35 Skull
Seems a little disrespectful to just throw this around...
Type: Object
Function: Throwing object
Source: • Generated randomly on dungeon floors

• Dropped when undead are killed

Damage: 1 (Thrown)
Weight: Light
Notes: • Shatters on impact

• Some skulls may be Skeletons lying in wait

Skull image

Alas, poor Yorick!

Skulls are either found on the ground amid a pile of bones or left behind when a vampire, skeleton, or Jiang Shi dies.
It can make a good throwing weapon if you have nothing else, but you may prefer the rock, or dislike desecrating corpses. The skull normally breaks after a single throw.

Watch out for Undead Skeletons, who conceal themselves as harmless bone piles until you're almost on top of them.


If you throw a skull at a Skeleton (or Mummy) blood will spurt out.
Apparently the combination of dry bones hitting more dry bones results in fresh blood. This is mostly just a cosmetic bug, but can be useful if you have the Kapala.

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