XBLA Snail
Monsters Entry 23: A slimy mollusk that blows acidic spit bubbles when it's agitated.
Spawns: The Jungle
Health: 1 HP
Damage: • 1 (Acid Bubble)

• 1 (Contact)

Stunnable: No
Corpse: No
Size: Normal (1x1)

The Snail is an enemy that may be found in the Jungle. They are slow and fragile, but have a tricky ranged attack that can be difficult to avoid.


Snails can not move off of ledges, normally performing a loop behavior of moving a short distance, blowing acidic bubbles of slime that float upwards in a wavy side-to-side pattern, and pausing shortly before moving again. The bubbles will damage and stun you upon contact, and can be tricky to avoid while descending, as the Snail will usually blow three or four bubbles at once.

Interestingly, the Snail's bubbles are capable of harming other characters as well as the Spelunker, and it may actually kill itself if it blows bubbles when up against a wall.


Because the bubbles only travel a short distance horizontally before floating upwards, it is best to attack a Snail from the same height by throwing objects or by utilizing a ranged weapon.
It's fairly easy to attack them from behind, but you should avoid trying to stomp them as you risk being hit by any bubbles it may suddenly produce.

If a Snail is at the bottom of a hole you want to jump down and there is no other route around, your best bet is to either time your jump carefully, avoiding the bubbles and any the Snail may be about to produce, or to try and drop an object or a Bomb down to kill the Snail from a safe distance.

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