NB: The following article is superstition, and is not to be taken as fact; despite the thought put into this by the original writer of the article. -TyrannicalOverlordC

However unproven and having no programmed basis, there is a belief that certain rituals in the beginning screen can bring luck, or "Speluck" in following Spelunky runs.

1. The Flare It is believed that starting the game while holding the flare from the beginning screen is a very lucky ritual. On several occasions it had proven itself, resulting in very successful or interesting Spelunky runs. It should be mentioned, however, that this ritual is effective for the main character only, and if done by the Damsel character, it might actually bring BAD luck for the following run. Another way to use the flare for luck can be tossing it on top of the Spelunky logo in the beginning screen and entering the Start door, although this ritual in several occasions had caused woeful repercussions, often represented by death by huge boulder, regardless of the player's skill level.

2. Shortcut Screen Entering the shortcut screen briefly and immediately returning to the beginning screen before entering the Start door is considered slightly lucky, in other words resulting in either good or average runs. Apparently doing so (taking a glimpse of the shortcut screen, not entering the door) with or without The Flare has no effect whatsoever and only the act itself will have its effect. Probably this is due to the fact that The Flare disappears from the character's hands when the screen changes.

3. Scores Screen Two ways of manipulating one's luck can be found on this screen: 1) "The Dive"- Climbing to the topmost ledge of the secret rooms (Sun Room) and taking a plunge to the bottom of the screen, resulting in a stun. This ritual is not recommended because it is time-consuming, but mostly because it gives less-than-average luck resulting in average or bad runs. 2) Reset Button- Pushing the block right, stopping a couple of seconds after the "This will reset everything!" warning appears. This act is considered lucky, but is a little time-consuming.

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