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Title Screen

Spelunky (NOW EVEN HARDER!) makes Spelunky harder as you might have guessed! This mod has NO new features! It is like Derek himself added a difficulty option! (download link below)

Changes made:

  • More enemies are generated
  • Less damsels are generated
  • More traps are generated
  • Less starting health and equipment
  • Damsels have less health
  • Enemies that can be stunned and mini-bosses have more health
  • Kali requires more favor for rewards
  • Items cost more
  • Ghost appears sooner
  • Good items appear in crates less often
  • Chests are trapped more often
  • Enemies appear in jars more often
  • The idol at the end of the game is worth $100,000
  • Title screen update

Get it here: Official download site

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