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Spelunky Invincible

Get the weapons/items you want, in an instant.

Spelunky Invicible - A Nutz Mod is a modified version of Spelunky that contains cheats, mostly for generating weapons and items and deleting shopkeepers.

The current version is v1.0.


Press F11 while playing the game to bring up the dialog box.

Enter any of the following cheats (all letters should be small caps):

  • shotgun
  • bomb
  • rock
  • dice
  • gloves
  • basketball
  • pistol
  • webcannon
  • teleporter
  • bow
  • machete
  • mattock
  • arrow
  • flare
  • parachute
  • rope
  • flarecrate
  • bombbag
  • bombbox
  • paste
  • compass
  • springshoes
  • spikesshoes
  • jordans
  • spectacles
  • udjateye
  • jetpack
  • cape
  • kapala
  • hedjet
  • ankh

Don't worry about typing something wrong, it won't break your game.

You can send the Shopkeeper to hell by pressing F12


Only the modded exe (v1.00)

Entire Spelunky folder with the modded exe

Only the modded exe (v0.9) →

Entire Spelunky folder with modded exe (v0.9) ->

After downloading the files above, read the following:

  • If you downloaded the modded exe only → Then just copy the modded exe (Spelunky Invincible.exe) file and paste it into your spelunky folder, double click the modded exe and start playing..
  • If you downloaded the entire Spelunky folder → Then you are ready to play. Just double-click on spelunky.exe and don't forget to extract the ZIP files before playing.

Discuss & Pay Up

You can discuss and contribute to this mod on the official spelunky forums →

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