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Welcome to Spelunky Wiki

Spelunky is a freeware independent game made entirely in Game Maker by Derek Yu that plays like a combination of Nethack and La Mulana. The latest version can always be found here, and a discussion topic for reporting bugs and feedback can be found here or here.

This wiki is for the PC version of Spelunky Only.

If you are looking for information on the XBLA version of Spelunky, try here.

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Don't get the appeal of Spelunky? Try reading How To Die: A Breezy Beginner's Guide to Spelunky, a work in progress. (Note that there are some minor spoilers!)

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Featured article: Crystal Skull

Crystal Skull image

The Crystal Skull is found instead of a Golden Idol in "Restless dead levels" of Area 2. After the level is completed, the Crystal Skull is replaced by a Golden Idol icon on the loot screen.

When the Crystal Skull is lifted, it automatically triggers the ghost to enter... (more)

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