Entry 1: These protrusions will leave big holes in anyone unlucky enough to fall on them.
Location: The Mines

The Jungle

Damage: 99 (Contact, from above) (Can be survived if the player has more than 99 health)
Pattern: Constant Hazard

Spikes are a basic yet deadly trap commonly seen in the Mines and the Jungle, but can also appear in the Ice Caves underneath Idols.
They are a stationary hazard, and will kill anything that free-falls onto them from above. It is possible to survive a Spike fall if a player manages to get more than 99 Health. However the player must strafe quickly away from the Spikes after taking the damage as the Spikes will do more damage as the player slides down on them. Here is proof.


Spikes in Spelunky are less dangerous than video games have taught players to believe. Only the tips of the Spikes are deadly, so touching them from the side and walking through them is harmless.

The Spelunker can also gently lower themselves into Spikes without being killed, by performing a flip-hang off an adjacent ledge, climbing down a rope, or floating down with a parachute or cape.


Spikes can be destroyed by removing the block below them, with either a mattock or a bomb.

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