Entry 7: An alien contraption that's used for transportation and entertainment.
Location: The Ice Caves

The Mothership

Damage: None
Pattern: Trigger (Repeating Hazard)
Notes: May induce fall damage, or launch objects forcefully.

Springs are tricky traps found in the Ice Caves and the Mothership. They are usually more annoying than dangerous, but can cause accidents with severe consequences.


The spring will trigger whenever any character or item touches it, propelling it directly upwards about five tiles into the air.

Monsters such as Yeti do not move off a spring once caught in one and will ride it forever unless they are violently displaced, which can make them tricky to get past or stomp on. The propulsive force can also volley a crashing UFO back into the air without causing it to explode, leading it it to land somewhere unexpected.

Springs can be both useful and dangerous depending on the circumstance.

They can be used to launch you into the air much farther than you are able to jump, allowing you to reach platforms that would ordinarily be out of your reach and bring you close enough to overhead UFOs to whip them out of the air.

They will not also absorb fall damage.

On the other hand, springs can be difficult to see, especially in snowy levels where they can be almost invisible.
Stepping on one unexpectedly can throw you off a platform, and make it very difficult to stay in control when trying to navigate carefully over dangerous terrain.

If you get launched by a spring that is also bouncing a hard object such as a rock, you will collide with the object in mid-air and take damage. This can often lock you into an inescapable stun cycle -- the spring continues to bounce the item into your face, preventing you from coming to your senses and chipping away at your health until you are killed.


Springs can be destroyed by breaking the block on which they sit with a bomb or any explosion, or by baiting a UFO to shoot at it.

You can partially resist being flung into the air by jumping at the same time the spring activates, which will cause you to be pushed only a couple of tiles upward.


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