The Abyss
Spelunkyclassic abyss
Location: The Ice Caves
Damage: Certain Death (Falling)
Pattern: Constant Hazard

Unlike all other areas in Spelunky, the levels of the Ice Caves have no solid ground beneath the bottom edge of the map.
Falling off the lowest platform of a level will send you plummeting into the endless Abyss, never to be seen again.


It is sometimes possible to recover from a fall by flying back up to solid ground using a Jetpack, or to use the Cape or a Parachute to slow your fall, enabling you to throw a rope and catch the end of it.
However, the Spelunker will be considered dead after passing a specific point-of-no-return.

The Ankh will resurrect a Spelunker that falls into the abyss just as if they had died by other means. Whether this will spawn you inside the Moai depends on how far from the Abyss the Moai spawns. If the Moai is in the Frozen Region when the Spelunker dies, they will appear at the level entrance instead.

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