The Black Knight
XBLA Blackknight
Monsters Entry 28: The lord of the castle. He fights with supreme confidence and won't give up until death.
Spawns: The Haunted Castle
Health: 3 HP
Damage: • Instant Death (Shield Crush)

• 1 (Contact)

Stunnable: Yes
Corpse: Yes
Size: Normal (1x1)
Notes: Drops his shield when stunned.

The Black Knight is the boss of the Haunted Castle, usually found at the top of the level near the coffin that holds Van Helsing.

He is an extremely dangerous foe, carrying a large and implacable shield that blocks most attacks from the front. The shield reflects all projectiles, even Sticky bombs, but does not defend against the whip.
He will use this shield offensively, charging at the Spelunker and using it to crush them against a wall for an immediate kill.

His armor is much lighter than that of Green Knights, and does not block damage from being stomped or attacked from behind. However, this also means he is capable of running and jumping as fast as an angered Shopkeeper, and his armor will not shatter when he takes damage.

If he is stunned, he will drop his shield. When this happens, he behaves like a Green Knight and is easily killed by picking up the Shield and using it against him.


The Black Knight's journal entry is a reference to the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, wherein an imposing Black Knight duels with King Arthur, refusing to give up even after suffering severely debilitating injuries.

Amusingly, Spelunky's Black Knight will often kill Green Knights (and any other enemies in his way) as he charges at the Spelunker. This coincides with how the Black Knight in Monty Python kills a knight wearing green armor as he is introduced in the film.

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