Mysterious and implacable.

The Moai is a structure that appears in the Ice Caves.

It is one of the very few obstacles in the game that can't be mined with a mattock or blasted apart with bombs, but getting the Hedjet hidden within it is necessary in order to visit the City of Gold. The blocks directly beneath it are as indestructable as the Moai itself.

The Moai is found on either level 3-2 or 3-3, unless the player went to The Worm and The Mothership, in that case The Moai will appear in 3-4 (after The Mothership).


The symbol on the Moai's forehead is a clue to its function: Dying on the level where the Moai is while equipped with the Ankh will cause The Spelunker to resurrect inside a small hollow within the statue, which contains the Hedjet and a door to the next level.

It does not matter how the Spelunker dies, as long as it happens somewhere on the level where the Moai is present.  Blowing yourself up with a bomb or getting killed by enemies works. If you have a Jetpack, you should avoid being crushed to death as this destroys the attached item. Falling in the abyss, or any form of death, will cause you revive within the Moai without your carried weapon.

Moai Teleport00:12

Moai Teleport

Yes, it's possible.

Be warned, you must wait for the the Hedjet to fall onto you and collect it before exiting through the door. There is no second chance to collect this item.

Although it is possible to get inside the statue using the Teleporter, the game prevents acquiring the Hedjet this way by replacing it with a Diamond. Killing yourself with a bomb while inside the statue allows you to collect the Hedjet normally.

The Ball and Chain can be used to 'break' the blocks that make up the Moai, allowing them to be passed through by dragging the ball over the top of the statue.


  • Moai were carved by the Polynesian people of Easter Island approximately 500 to 750 years ago. Some are upwards of 30 feet tall, and were apparently moved on log rollers from the quarry in which they were carved to various sites throughout the island.
  • Moai are surprisingly common in video games, especially in games developed by Konami.
  • Unlike Spelunky Classic, attempting to "End Adventure" will not respawn the spelunker inside the statue.


  • During multiplayer, both players will be teleported inside the Moai and the Hedjet will cause damage to the player that doesn't pick up the Hedjet, to prevent this one player must crouch or the other needs to jump.

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