The Tunnel Man
XBLA Tunnelman
Monsters Entry 12: A cheerful man who makes his living digging tunnels to the deepest parts of the cave.
Spawns: • In the tunnels between Areas

• In the Shortcut House

Health: Not Killable
Damage: None
Stunnable: Yes
Corpse: Not Killable
Size: Normal (1x1)

The Tunnel Man is a friendly NPC who digs Shortcuts through the caves in exchange for items.
These shortcuts give you the option to bypass previous areas during future playthroughs, skipping straight to the later levels.

After the first shortcut has been dug, he can be found sitting in the shortcut house between games.
There are 3 different shortcuts that can be built: A tunnel leading to the Jungle, one leading to the Ice Caves and another to the Temple.

Digging ShortcutsEdit

In order to dig each shortcut, the Tunnel Man will require various equipment and items. He must be reached three times, and will request a different item each time before the shortcut is completed. When he asks for multiple items, they must be donated all at once, rather than in increments.

Note: the Tunnel Man will not appear during a Daily Challenge or Co-op.

To The JungleEdit

  1. One bomb
  2. One rope
  3. $10,000

To The Ice CavesEdit

  1. Two bombs
  2. Two ropes
  3. A Shotgun

To The TempleEdit

  1. Three bombs
  2. Three ropes
  3. The Key from the Mine

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