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Throwing items is one of the basic ways to attack a monster (along with using a weapon, or jumping on top of monsters).

Some items break after striking a monster:

Other items can be used to kill an unlimited number of monsters:

Throwing techniquesEdit

A regular throw moves sideways, with a slight arc high enough to hit the ceiling if you're in a gap only one block high. Holding the up direction while throwing will launch the item upward at a 45 degree angle starting from the object's current location in your hands. Holding the down direction will do the opposite while jumping or holding a ladder, but will result in simply droping the item if not. Smaller items will bounce a bit when thrown into the floor, larger items are effectively dropped.

Pitcher's Mitt give the ability to throw items much further and in a straight line, similar to an Arrow Trap firing.

Normal bombs are usually most useful when dropped, but Sticky Bombs are very useful when thrown.

Be careful when you throw a Stone or Arrow at an enemy near a wall, you may be the victim of your own projectile. The Stone will deal one Heart of damage and the arrow will deal two.

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