Udjat Eye
XBLA Udjateye
Items Entry 28: The Eye is an ancient symbol of royal power. Does it have any other purpose?
Type: Accessory
Function: • Reveals hidden treasure and items buried in rock.
• Indicates the location of the the Black Market in the Jungle.
Source: Found inside the Big Chest in The Mines.

The Udjat Eye is an accessory item found locked inside the Big Chest, which is opened with a Key.

The chest containing the eye is guaranteed to appear somewhere on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th level of The Mines, but will not appear if the level is dark.

It is the first of the four ancient Egyptian artifacts used to reach The City of Gold.


The Udjat Eye has two functions, firstly, it reveals hidden items inside blocks, as well as jewels that were previously invisible, increasing the productivity of mining with bombs or a mattock, similar to the Spectacles.

However, its true purpose is to lead the Spelunker to the Ankh, by helping them locate the entrance to The Black Market. The entrance is hidden somewhere in The Jungle, buried in the rock.

Its location must be discerned by monitoring the activity of the Eye as you move around the level.

Whenever the Spelunker draws near to the secret level exit, the Eye will begin to flash as it makes a clicking sound. The faster the eye flashes, the closer you are to the entrance.

The door always generates behind a solid block that must be destroyed with a bomb or a mattock.


  • Sometimes the Udjat Eye will take a brief period of time before making any sounds even if the player is really close to the Black Market entrance.

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