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Unlockable or hidden rooms.

Shortcut House


To unlock a shortcut, reach the given tunnel two times, and the second time, pay the tunnel man the requested fee. The fee may be split across multiple visits.

  • After completing level 4, pay him $100k
  • After completing level 8, pay him $200k
  • After completing level 12, pay him $300k

Challenge Rooms

Each of these becomes unlocked after you complete a certain in-game challenge. Unlock all of them and the Tunnel Man becomes a playable character.

Sun Room

To unlock this, have $200k at any point in time during a game. (bronze trophy is $50k, silver trophy is $100k)[1]

The minigame's description reads "Keep yourself and and the Damsel alive for as long as possible!".

Moon Room

To unlock this, win the game without shortcuts in less than 10 minutes. (bronze trophy is 16 minutes, silver trophy is 12 minutes)[1]

The minigame's decription reads "Shoot the moving target with your bow and arrows!".

Stars Room

To unlock this, get 120 kills in any one game. (bronze trophy is 80 kills, silver trophy is 100 kills)[1]

The minigame's description reads "Kill as many angry merchants as you can, before they get you!".

Changing Room

To unlock this, rescue 8 damsels in any one game. (bronze trophy is 4 rescues, silver trophy is 6 rescues)

The changing room lets you switch roles and play the Damsel, while the person who needs saving is the original adventurer.

Black Market

main article: Black Market

In one of the levels the second area, there's a secret exit hidden in the ground that you need to bomb or dig out. If you have the Udjat Eye, it will "blink" and make a sound when you get close; the faster it blinks and emits noise, the closer you are. The Spectacles are useless for finding the Black Market.

City of Gold

main article: City of Gold

If you find a gold-colored door in Area 4 (level 14, specifically) while equipped with the Hedjet and wielding the Scepter, then you'll be permitted entry to the City of Gold.


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