Extended Whip
Type: Melee weapon
Function: Melee attacks
Source: Available from start
Damage: 1
Notes: Can affect physics objects.

The Whip is the default starting weapon of the Spelunker. It is one of five melee weapons in the game, the others being the Machete, Mattock, Shield, and Crysknife.

It is used by pressing the Action button (Default: X) when the hands are empty, and is the only weapon besides the Crysknife that cannot be dropped and does not take up the held item slot.

When attacking with the whip, the Spelunker coils the whip behind him before swinging it forward, meaning there is a short animation delay before enemies in front of the Spelunker take damage. Players should learn to compensate for this by timing their attacks carefully, beginning the swing slightly before enemies come into its range, which is about one tile.

Whipping Arrows

A player hitting two arrows with the whip

In addition to dealing damage to enemies, the whip can push and deflect physics objects, such as corpses, rocks, items, treasure (useful for no gold runs and Ghosting ), and certain projectiles (arrows, boomerangsflies), and can also open containers, such as pots, crates, and chests (excluding the Big Chest). Unlike other weapons, it is unable to do damage to stunned enemies, and can only push them around. It also cannot do damage to particular enemies, like Yetis and Shopkeepers.


A player hitting a mummy under them by doing a high jump and their whip

The whip can be used to hit targets behind, above and below the Spelunker, not just in front, using the backswing. Every frame of the whip animation deals damage, but each frame has the whip in a different position, meaning that the timing of the swing must be changed depending on what angle your target is at. If you whip behind you, damage is done immediately, rather than on a delay, which is useful in some situations.

Another ability of the whip (which is mainly only of use to speedrunners) is that while the whip animation plays, the Spelunker is unable to grab onto ledges, which can prevent the accidental halting of the player's descent. For casual players, this is often a dangerous tactic, as it can result in fall damage.

Whip Magic

The magic of the whip


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