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"I won't return until I've escaped with The Ultimate Treasure!"
Spawns: The Tutorial
Health: 4 HP
Damage: • 1 (Whip)

• 1 (Goomba Stomp)

Stunnable: Yes
Corpse: Yes
Size: Normal (1x1)
Notes: Unlockable as a playable character by finishing Hell

Yang is a Spelunker whom you play as during the tutorial. He can also be unlocked as a regular character by finishing the Hell levels.

In his journal he describes some of the background of the game, notably the apparent immortality of the Spelunkers that entered the Cave. The tutorial follows his path through 4 levels of the cave shaped to be typical of the gameplay. His entries in the journal apparently stops when he reaches the Jungle. For some reason he managed to put his journal and the key to the Cave in front of the closed door guarding its entrance.

When you defeat King Yama and go through the door, Yang is found near a giant chest containing a huge trophy filled with gold. He compliments you for your tale and efforts before you're both put away to the exit by flowing lava. This means he managed to reach Hell - apparently after many deaths - and got trapped there alive by King Yama.

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